You Crazy!: Lunatic Demonstrates 21-Foot Rule Of Attacking Someone With A Knife

May 10, 2010


Note: You have to hit the Youtube link at the bottom to watch the video because Sir Stabalot disabled embedding.

Ever heard of the 21-foot rule for bladed weapons? Me neither, I think this joker just made it up. Also, his 'in a relationship' status on Facebook.

The 21 foot rule states that the average person with a bladed weapon can run and cut you in about the same amount of time that the average person can draw and shoot a gun. Demonstrates that bladed weapons are very dangerous especially against cardboard targets. Please do not try this at home. For demonstration purposes only.

Okay, so maybe it is a real rule. Not unlike 34, which states at least two of you are gonna masturbate to this.


Thanks to BooGT, who has the power to stab people from 500 yards because he just filled his trebuchet with kitchen knives.

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