Will It Make Me A Zombie?!: The T-Virus Shot

May 2, 2010


The Drunken Moogle is a website that features video-game inspired cocktails. This is the T-Virus from Resident Evil here. What's a T-virus? Worse than swine flu, that's for sure!


3/4 shot Silver Rum
1/4 shot Everclear
1 Blue Twizzler

Directions: Wind a blue Twizzler around a tall double shot glass. It should stick to the sides of the glass. Pour in the silver rum and top with the Everclear. Drink, then eat the Twizzler for a sweet/sour aftertaste.

That sounds disgusting. Don't get me wrong, I'd still drink them back to back until I'm puking Twizzlers, but that's because I love liquor. And that's not just the booze talking either, although it is mumbling something. Drink you? You know I will!

T-Virus (Resident Evil Shot) [thedrunkenmoogle]

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