Emoticon Stamp: When Words Aren't Enough

May 20, 2010


Have trouble expressing yourself with words? Me too. That's why I let my fists do the talking. But for you pacifists (read: nancy boys) out there, there's this Asian style emoticon stamp you can use to embellish sexts pen pal letters or whatever the hell kids are into these days.

Designed by Ginguni for Japanese brand gung, this handmade rubber stamp will let you mass-produce endearing (at first, and then they're just freaking annoying) emoticons. We're not talking about simple smileys and sad faces here - this rubber stamp is for hardcore emoticon enthusiasts. It can stamp Japanese-style emoticons of up to 7 characters.

You can pre-order the emoticon rubber stamp from gung or from caina for ¥2,700 (approx. $29 (USD)). Orders will ship starting May 21.

Yeah, no. I don't need some damn emoticon to get my point across. (@)(o) Haha, okay I guess I do. And that was two points FYI. LARGER ONE NIP IS LARGER.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the possibilities. They're practically endless!




emoticon rubber stamp: otaku approved [technabob]

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