What Do You Mean You Got Drunk And Ate It?!: White Castle Burger Scented Candle

May 6, 2010


Did you know it was hamburger month? Neither did I. But apparently White Castle has licensed burger-scented candles to celebrate the occasion. That's cool. Granted not as cool as the fact I live just a hop, skip and jump from the In-N-Out on Sunset Blvd., but SUCK IT I EAT THOSE BURGERS ALL THE TIME AND I KNOW YOU'RE JEALOUS! Plus I made friends with the employees so sometimes they'll let me come in after hours and huff the grill. GET IN MUH BRAIN, BURGER FUMES!

The candle's "steam grilled on a bed of onions" scent was created by Nest Fragrances, and the limited-edition candle comes in a ceramic holder designed to mimic White Castle's hamburger packaging, the fast food chain said this week.

"When I think of truly superior aromas, I think of the aroma of a freshly grilled White Castle hamburger -- life just doesn't get better than that," Laura Slatkin, founder of Nest Fragrances, said in a prepared statement. "We have captured that exact essence in our White Castle candle!"

I've heard the things actually smell like shit but I can neither confirm nor deny those allegations personally. But I can confirm that I'm going to In-N-Out tonight so SUCK IT AGAIN SUCKERS, YOU KNOW YOU'RE JEALOUS AS A BRIDESMAID! DON'T HATE THE PLAYA HATE THE GAMESTOP FOR ONLY GIVING ME $22 FOR ALL MY TRADE-INS.

Product Site (currently sold out)
White Castle unveils burger-scented candle [cnnmoney]

Thanks to eileen, who's holding out for a McRib-scented candle. Me too, eileen, me too.

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