WANT: A Womapa-Skin Rug Just Like The One Luke Makes Love On In Front Of A Fire

May 14, 2010


Available for pre-order now, this $100 Wompa-skin rug is just like the one Luke Skywalker beds (or rugs) alien chicks on at his ski chalet on Hoth.

This unique StarWarsShop shared exclusive is sure to be the center of attention for any room in your home, the Wampa Rug is the Star Wars take on the classic "bear rug"! Made from high-quality synthetic fur and featuring a plush pillow head, vinyl claws and a non-stick backing. Measures 62-inches long x 30-inches wide!

The rugs ship August 25th and are sure to seal the deal with any girl who isn't sure if she should sleep with you or not. Get it? Because she won't.

Hit the jump for three more product shots and a link to the buy page.




Product Site

Thanks to Lord Tarl, who wants to know how much the lifelike Leia doll is.

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