WANT: 60th Anniversary Candy Land Cake

May 6, 2010


Since all of you loved yesterday's Resident Evil cake so much and weren't jerks who left nasty comments (yes, yes you were), here's another confectionery delight -- a 60th anniversary Candy Land cake created by DebbieDoesCakes (....). OMG I wanna vacation there so bad! I'd eat the entire hotel! Then projectile vomit! Then eat it again! Oh I'm sorry -- did that just make you puke? I'LL LICK THE CHUNKS UP LIKE A DOG.

Hit the jump for one more cake Candy Land cake Debbie made for a birthday.


DebbieDoesCakes' Flickr
(with a ton more amazing cakes including a hoverboard from BTTF and a sweet-ass dragon. Did I mention there's a Jack Daniels cake?)
Candy Land Cakes Celebrate the Game's 60th Anniversary [walyou]

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