Wait, What?: Windows 7 Restaurants

May 18, 2010


Apparently Microsoft Taiwan, in cooperation with MSG, has opened a chain of Windows 7 themed restaurants, confusingly called 'Hot Fried 77'. Mmmm, deep fried GMILFS!

...for the next two months, Microsoft is working with the 100 Seafood Restaurant to introduce a special Windows 7 menu. The deal means that each dish is going for $77 Taiwan Dollars ($2.50), with Windows 7 beer on offer too.

Okay well now it sounds that there's just a Microsoft-themed menu at existing 100 Seafood Restaurants, and not actually new Windows restaurants. Either way, [insert Windows server joke here]. No? FINE. [Insert joke about viral marketing giving you food poisoning].

Hit the jump for a shot for two sexy Windows 7 servers and a bunch of guys with woks.



How About A Meal In The Windows 7 Restaurant? [windows7news]
Have A Meal At The Windows 7 Restaurant [ubergizmo]

Thanks to Red Five, who, despite what Yellow Five might tell you, doesn't counteract penis shrinkage.

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