Vintage Star Wars 'Scout Walker Command Tower' Clubhouse, Plus Bonus Speeder Bike!

May 13, 2010


I may not have had a Scout Walker Command Tower growing up, but I did have a Cabbage Patch playhouse with a hornet's nest inside. So yeah, take that! Besides, this thing looks dangerous. I can just see my younger self falling out of and winding up a crumpled mess in the sandbox below. And speaking of messes in the sandbox: did you know I once picked up a sand-covered cat turd in the sandbox thinking it was a toy? It's true, I did that.

Hit the jump for an awesome, super-limited edition (200-300) Speeder handbike that was only given out as a promotional item at department stores and movie theaters.


Photographic Evidence That Your Childhood May Have Been Seriously Lacking [io9]

Thanks to mike469x and Necromancer Fancier, who both had imaginary friends growing up and still do.

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