Use The Fork, Luke: Star Wars Pancakes

May 20, 2010


How about that pun in the title? How about I'm really ashamed for writing it. No, no I'm not. I'm too far gone for that. Also, treatment. Just pull the plug doc. Anyway, $20 Star Wars pancake molds from Williams Sonoma.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a Jedi Kitchen Master created an epic breakfast to unleash the power of his Jedi Padawan. Using the Forceâ„¢, he created three nonstick steel pancake molds in honor of his favorite galactic heroes and villains: Yodaâ„¢, Darth Vaderâ„¢ and a stormtrooperâ„¢. Our Star Wars molds couldn't be easier to use. Just place them with their handles up on a preheated griddle then pour in your batter. After the first side has set, remove the molds and flip the pancakes. Serve a stack drenched in your favorite syrup - and let the adventures begin.

Yes, let the adventure begin. There's nothing more exciting than departing on an epic pancake cruise. You can even add berries for fake brains! Or chocolate chips for fake shit for brains. Or Drano if you hate your family!

Hit the jump for one more shot of the molds and a link to the product site.


Williams Sonoma Product Site

Thanks to Red Five and Kat, who are holding out for Han Solo waffle molds. And to Silly Mama, who also came up with the forks pun and found out it was quite the hit at the breakfast table.

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