Uh-Oh: Lab-Created DNA Powers Living Cell

May 20, 2010


Sure they may look like the sweetest pair of alien nips you've ever seen, but they're actually two bacteria cells, one of which is powered by man-made DNA. The zombie apocalypse: it nears.

The researchers copied an existing bacterial genome. They sequenced its genetic code and then used "synthesis machines" to chemically construct a copy.

Dr Venter told BBC News: "We've now been able to take our synthetic chromosome and transplant it into a recipient cell - a different organism.

"As soon as this new software goes into the cell, the cell reads [it] and converts into the species specified in that genetic code."

The new bacteria replicated over a billion times, producing copies that contained and were controlled by the constructed, synthetic DNA.

"This is the first time any synthetic DNA has been in complete control of a cell," said Dr Venter.

God must be so pissed right now.

'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists [bbcnews]

Thanks to Joe, Kaz, J tothe T, Lord Tarl, Aaron, jeremy, GingerJohn, Justin, WillC, Schmaltz, james, David, Choma, Fortune and crawfy, who have all tried creating artificial life by procreating with sex dolls. ROFLWUT?!

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