Typing With Toys: LEGO Keyboard Decals

May 17, 2010


Etsy seller openandclose is selling a $15 set of keyboard decals that -- get this -- make the look like LEGO blocks. Admittedly, I actually kind of want them.

Do you want to let your keyboard special?

With the high quality printing, our creative sticker will make your MacBook the new home to her.

I don't actually know if I want to let my keyboard special. I mean, my keyboard already IS pretty special. Aren't you, KB? KB?! STOP. LICKING. THE. MONITOR.

Hit the jump for a shot of what a whole keyboard looks like and another link to the product page.


openandclose's Etsy Shop
Keyboard modified with Lego decals [ubergizmo]

Thanks to Red Five, who glued actual LEGO blocks to his keyboard and now the screen won't close. Way to think ahead.

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