There's No Way You Can Watch This And Tell Me It's Okay: Creepy Robotic Child

May 26, 2010

Note: Video is after the jump due to its extremely disturbing nature. Seriously, it was even hard picking a screencap that wouldn't make you mess your khakis.

This is a short 40-second video of a creepy robotic child (even worse than these) that's obsessed with burying its face in some random woman's vagina (not even kidding). There's 169% no way you can watch it and justify the robot's existence. It's just wrong. God, even the way it moves. *shivers* Aaaaaand my nips are hard.

Hit the jump for the OMG RUN!

Robot Child to Haunt Your Dreams, Stalk You in Real Life [uncoached]

Thanks to Phloyd, who would have flame-throwered that thing faster than you could say, "wait, it's a joke -- there's actually a kid in there!"

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