That's Not What I Said!: Bad Translator Is Bad

May 27, 2010


Bad Translator is a website that takes entered text and translates it into another language, then back to English, then repeats the process either 10, 25 or MAXIMUM times. For example:

Enterted Text: I heard the Geekologie Writer has a serious rocket in his pants.

10 Translations Later: Geekologie hear your pants rocket serious.

25 Translations Later: Geekologie missiles to listen seriously to your pants.

MAXIMUM TRANSLATIONS LATER!: "Ek बेचैन gehoor मर Geekologie skrywer "बेचैन n ernstige Broek vuurpyl सेशन sy."

WTF?! I don't even know what half of those mean BUT THEY'RE ALL TRUE. Now if you'll excuse me, my pants have serious to rocket. *PSSSHOOOOOOOW!!*

Bad Translator

Thanks to Emortality, who can translate into a truck just like Optimus Prime.

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