Street Fighter Characters Get Zombie-fied

May 5, 2010


Ever dreamed of seeing what the Street Fighter characters would look like if they were zombies? Well consider your dreams answered! Also, consider having some better dreams.

The zombies created by concept artist from Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura (or Manuhell for brevity's sake) go a step further - they know Kung Fu and other crazy martial arts. The 27-year-old from São Paulo, Brazil has taken some characters from a popular fighting game and given them a zombie makeover.

While most women would argue the zombie makeover is one of the worst ones you can get (what do you mean you're gonna pluck one of my eyes out?!), I actually know a couple girls whose looks might actually improve. I'm looking at you, Susan! Well, not literally because I'm afraid I'll turn to stone but I am nodding in your direction.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more. Oh really, you'd still take your chances with Chun Li and Cammy? Shocking.









Manuel's CGHub Page
Zombie Street Fighters [onelargeprawn]

Thanks to sham, who once drew super-realistic Mortal Kombat zombies and couldn't sleep for three days. Reminds me of the first vagina I ever drew.

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