Star Wars: Now Starring You And Your Friends

May 7, 2010


Always thought you'd make a good Han Solo? You're the only one. It's true, your mom thought you should audition for Jar Jar. But now you can fulfill your dreams anyway with JibJab's 'Star Wars: Starring You'. You just go to the website, upload some pictures of you and your friends (or a bunch of penises0, and next thing you know, BOOM, you're saving the galaxy and shit. Whee! Now get out there and motorboat Leia's golden boobies for me! Kidding, that doesn't really happen outside your dreams. Or the picture I just drew. See? I gave you big lips.

Star Wars Starring You [jibjab]

Thanks to Melonie, Jackie and Ken, who got in a fist fight over who would be Lando Calrissian. Well, I guess there's only one way to solve this: I'll be Lando.

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