'Spike Your Juice' Kit Turns Any Fruit Juice Into Delicious Booze In Two Days And $10

May 11, 2010


The $10 'Spike your Juice' kit comes with everything you need to turn six 64oz bottles of fruit juice into booze in as little as two days, using rapidly fermenting yeast and black magic. It's simple (thanks little wizards)!

1. Pick your juice (minimum sugar of 20g/serving, no pre-refrigerated juices, no artificially sweetened juices, no unfiltered juices)

2. Spike your juice (pour packet into juice)

3. Seal with included Airlock

After 48 hrs start sampling

* If satisfied, close bottle with Rubber Stopper, refrigerate and enjoy
* for a stronger and dryer taste with increased alcohol content, re-seal with Airlock and Rubber Stopper and continue storing at room temperature until satisfied

Juice will continue to booze-ify even after two days up to around 14% alcohol depending on the juice's original sugar content and time it's left out. THEN DRINK IT AND GET ALL F***ED UP! Then puke in your girlfriend's car and get in a fight about your drinking problem! What? No I'm not writing from experience (mind if I crash at your place for a few nights?).

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Thanks to Jeremy and deez figs, who have both drank toilet wine and subsequently puked. Really? I love that shit.

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