Seizure's Palace: Club's Crazy LED Lightshow

May 24, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump out of respect for those with motion sickness.

This is a video of Smack Nightclub's amazing LED lightshow. It was pretty awesome despite the music and the fact I didn't take any of those "E" pills the youngsters were trying to sell me.

What more can I say..... Smack, Leamington Spa...!

Featuring "Hold On" (Sub Focus Remix) by Rusko. This is off his new Album "O.M.G."

Buy it now it's the BOMB...

Speaking of bombs -- I detonated one in the back of a cab on the way home from a bar this weekend. I'm talking about shitting on the floor. I did that.

Hit the jump for your RDA of seizures (make sure to watch in HD).


Thanks to cracker, who can entertain himself for hours with nothing but a flashlight.

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