Seizure's Palace: Club's Crazy LED Lightshow

May 24, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump out of respect for those with motion sickness.

This is a video of Smack Nightclub's amazing LED lightshow. It was pretty awesome despite the music and the fact I didn't take any of those "E" pills the youngsters were trying to sell me.

What more can I say..... Smack, Leamington Spa...!

Featuring "Hold On" (Sub Focus Remix) by Rusko. This is off his new Album "O.M.G."

Buy it now it's the BOMB...

Speaking of bombs -- I detonated one in the back of a cab on the way home from a bar this weekend. I'm talking about shitting on the floor. I did that.

Hit the jump for your RDA of seizures (make sure to watch in HD).


Thanks to cracker, who can entertain himself for hours with nothing but a flashlight.

  • google and you get this page. ms raina? Anyway, the led lighting in the video is really cool. It is amazing what show control technology is capable of doing. Given the vast amounts of technological advances in third generation programming languages it is feasible that with enough led lights on stage you could paint a bmp or something.

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