Scientists Studying Robot-Inflicted Injuries

May 7, 2010


Note: Added a video of Stabby McKillhumans after the jump.

A group of sick German scientists have taken it upon themselves to study robot-inflicted injuries to humans. They're not good. Plus they hurt. Boom, study over!

The tests involved a robot arm weighing 14kg and a 1.1m reach that was equipped with a variety of bladed household tools including a steak knife, kitchen knife, scissors and screwdriver.

The robot arm was programmed to use the bladed tools to stab and cut a silicone lump, a leg from a dead pig and the arm of a human volunteer.

Striking, stabbing and puncturing tests with the safety system turned off were performed on the silicone and pig leg. Deep cuts resulted in most cases that, the researchers said, could prove to be "lethal" if inflicted on a living subject.

Congratulations brainiacs, those are some real startling discoveries. Who would have thought THAT GETTING STABBED WITH A F***ING KNIFE could produce a fatal wound? What did you think was gonna happen -- golden coins would pour out?

A video of the harbinger of death after the jump.

Robot-inflicted injuries studied [bbcnews]

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