Pregnant Couple (Actually, Just The Woman Is) Create Star Wars Baby Announcement

May 6, 2010


NOTE: Video is after the jump. I'm serious -- I don't care how super your sperm are, they aren't powerful enough to make the video appear on the front page.

A Star Wars themed baby announcement video: can you think of a better way to tell your friends and family you're pregnant with twins? If you answered, "yes, pretty much every other way, including pouring sugar in their gas tanks", congratulations, your family must love you.

Jennifer and Jeff have something they wanted to share with everyone...and because analogies make things easier and Jeff is an admitted Star Wars dork...we thought this might be appropriate...Thanks!

I mean I guess that was cool and all, but I still like to announce my babies the old-fashioned way: "honey -- I think the condom broke".

Hit it for the short video announcement.


Thanks to Vannaluck, who likes to announce babies on the Jerry Springer show. Vannaluck -- you are NOT the father. *high-five!*

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