Powerful Peripherals: Superhero Keyboards

May 6, 2010


Don't worry, I've already reprimanded myself for the title. You ever belted yourself in the mirror before? It builds character. Plus welts on your buttcheeks. So, how's your keyboard lookin'? (Great segue, GW. Thanks, I thought so) If your keyboard looks like shit or you just want a superhero on it you should check out this line of "super" computer input devices. Each clickity-clacker will set you back $54 and come in flavors like Wolverine, Iron Man, another Wolverine, Thor and Spider Man. Sure the thing's gonna be covered in a layer of orange Cheetos dust and the E and R keys will get stuck down with Mountain Dew, BUT WHO CARES, NO BIG DEAL, I WANT MOOOOOOORE. That was a Little Mermaid diddy in case you couldn't tell. Remember Sebastian? I've found bigger in my underwear.

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Amazing Comic Book Superhero Computer Keyboards [walyou]

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