A Pocketwatch From The Future: Kisai Round

May 18, 2010


Are you fancy pants? Do you wear white gloves and a monocle? Jesus you must look ridiculous. But not if you're rocking Tokyoflash's Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch (kidding, you still 100% will). You see, it's a pocket watch from the future. Just kidding, it's from Japan. Which, let's be honest, WOULD be the future if they'd cut out all the robot shit. I SAID KNOCK IT OFF.

Touch the button and a programmed animation will ignite from beneath the smoked screen before the time is displayed. The time is shown with flashing lights; orange LEDs show hours in the inner ring in the same position as hours on a clock face. Blue LEDs show minutes in the outer ring in groups of 3 in the same position as minutes on a clock face - ideal for reading the approximate time instantly. Green LEDs show two single minutes at the bottom of the display.

The $73 timepiece is available now and is USB rechargeable (3.5 hour charge for ~1 month of use). I just bought one to compliment my chained wallet. Which -- are those still in? It's cool, you can me if they're not. What?! I CHOKE YOU!

Hit the jump for more product shots, including a few examples of different times.




Tokyoflash Product Site

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