Plus You Look Cool: Speech Bubble Helmets

May 11, 2010


Have you ever been to a bar that's so crowded and loud you can't even make out what the person next to you is saying? So have I. But to my credit I was puking in a girl's purse and not really paying attention. Enter "speech bubbles":

Product design student Elaine McLuskey invented the "social spheres" to enable people to hold a conversation above the background noise.

Two words: just yell louder than everybody else. Of course I'd be totally fine wearing one of these things because then people would think I'm an astronaut. And astronauts, as you may well know, get girls' numbers freeze-dried ice cream if they finish all their meal-paste. I scream, ice cream, in space no one can hear you scream. Great Alien tie-in, GW. Thanks but I was being serious -- I'll push your ass right out an air-lock.

Giant speech bubble bid to combat pub noise [bbcnews]
Ridiculous 'speech bubble' helmets cut out noise, dignity [dvice]

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