Pfft, I Know How To Get Around That: Why Time Travel Is Allegedly Impossible

May 6, 2010


NOTE: These two panels don't make any sense by themselves so you have to click HERE to see the whole comic. Otherwise you won't get it. Not that you will anyways, but you should at least give yourself a fighting chance.

Pfft, you can get around that. All you need to do is travel to a date on which the earth is in the exact same spot in its rotation around the sun. That happens, right? Or is it always changing? Now that I actually think about it I imagine it's always changing. Well, whatever. I'm just waiting for the next comet to pass so I can drink this punch and get the f*** outta here. OOOH -- LATER BITCHES! *glug glug glug* Shit I think that was just an airplane.


Thanks to Justin, who, here, drink this. Wait -- wrong cup. Shit I think I just gave you the poison. Kidding, kidding! They're all poison.

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