Periodic Table Of Superhero Characteristics

May 17, 2010


Note: Not even an ant could read that little-ass chart so do yo eyeballs a delicious flavor and CLICK RIGHT HERE to see it in giganto-vision.

This is a periodic table created by ComicsAlliance senior writer Chris Sims describing 84 different characteristics of superheroes. You can use it to describe superheroes in the style of chemical formulas.

For instance: Superman comes out as: OAFSISpVxVhSn

Wolverine can be represented as XWxHSn

Poison Ivy is, of course, Iv

And Legion of Super-Heroes wannabe Arm-Fall-Off Boy is simply Af.

Neato. Me? I'm a SRcScVxTcGFmKfTlLgAgIlVGrUIsTGeAnEyGt. What are you? I mean, besides jealous. PEW PEW superpowers!

The Periodic Table Of Super-Powers [comicsalliance]

Thanks to Personal Robot Jesus, who saves and slays with equal dexterity.

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