Original Star Wars Saga In LEGO Stop Motion

May 10, 2010


Note: OLD, ALREADY SEEN video is after the jump.

This video came out a week ago on Star Wars Day and already has 1.2M views on Youtube so at least one of those was probably you. But just in case, this is the original Star Wars saga told in two minutes of stop-motion with every LEGO Star Wars set ever created. And speaking of every LEGO Star Wars set ever created: did you know there were plans to manufacture a Sarlacc Pit set but a guest LEGO tester got his penis stuck in a prototype and they deemed it unfit for production? What? I had a semi-nude Leia minifig in one hand and it looked like a vagina!

Hit it for the video.


Thanks to Travis, Brittany, meeotch, b00geyman and Blaqk Panda, who once told the whole six part story in less than a minute using nothing but shadow puppets.

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