Optimus Prime Drawn Only Using Bic Pens

May 28, 2010


Note: Full-res shots of the amazingness HERE and HERE.

Remember Jesse Starr? The man who drew the incredible Bic pen-only portrait of Christopher Walken (not to mention yours truly riding a dinosaur battling a volcano)? Well he's back at it, this time with an Optimus Prime portrait created using nothing but black, red and blue Bics.

This auction is for an original ball-point pen drawn portrait of Optimus Prime. It was skillfully created with the use of black, blue and red Bic Ball Point Pens only. It is impossible to appreciate the stunning mastery of the drawing through a photograph, but it is guaranteed as a piece to be cherished by collectors of all degrees.

Actual art is 12"x16.5" on white Vellum artist paper (not including frame)

Beautifully displayed in a modern custom frame (included)

Took approximately 50 hours to create

The piece is available on eBay now and a limited edition of $45 prints are also availab-- wait -- did that say it took 50 hours to create? Jesus, I've never completed anything that's taken that long (Twilight Princess only took me 40). Good lookin', Jesse. Seriously -- you're one handsome-ass devil.

eBay Auction
Prints for Sale
Official Site (plus Facebook -- he's handsome, I wasn't lying)

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