Oh He's Good, He's Reaaaal Good: World's Greatest Motivational Speaker, Hands Down

May 24, 2010


Note: Must-watch video is after the jump, SO GET MOTIVATED.

Youtube user armyofholynuns is an aspiring motivational speaker that teaches these simple life lessons by attempting to break a board over his head:

1. Figure out what you want to do
2. Believe in yourself
3. Formulate a plan of action
4. Follow through with it
5. Never give up, even when your head is throbbing because you just gave yourself a concussion
6. Don't go to sleep without consulting a doctor

Hit the jump for the unbelievable video (watch it all, seriously). Along with an equally painful follow-up.

follow up:


Thanks to Marcus, who once snapped a 2 x 4 in half using only his mind. Get it? Because it was a dream!

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