Nipples Used To Be Cool: The Nipple Bra

May 12, 2010


There was a time (based on this ad, the 70's) when having visibly hard nipples was all the rage. But like all fads (I'm looking at you, slap bracelets), its time quickly passed (give up Britney, you'll never bring it back!).

Our exclusive braless-look-bra is the very first bra to have its own built in nipple. Imagine having that sensual cold weather look all the time. It's so sexy, it'll give your shape a whole new eye-opening dimension.

I wish they would have come with different nipple options. Like you could get really wonky ones or two nipples on the same teat. That would have been hilarious. And by hilarious I mean out-of-this-world sexy. Like alien nips, but without the deadly venom.

Is it Cold in Here? [poorlydressed]

Thanks to Blaqk Panda and Carrie, who just tape pencil erasers to the insides of their shirts. Hey, that's cool (I put a stapler down my pants).

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