My Own Horn, I'm Tooting It!: My 6,000th Post

May 11, 2010


Geekologie Readers,

That's right, six thousand. That's a six with like forty zeros. Now I know what you're thinking, "Jesus, GW, you must have been blogging since before Al Gore invented the internet to write 6,000 articles". But it's not true, I took over August 7th, 2007. Ah, the memories: You telling me you hate me and I'm not funny and all my articles are old/plagiarized, and me crying myself to sleep every night with a cyanide capsule between my teeth praying I have have that dream where I'm Pac-Man. I know, it's like a fairy tale. Anyway, this is my 6,000th post and that's a picture of me winning a Hello Kitty doll out of a claw machine on my first try this past weekend. DAMN YEAH I'M A WINNER! And don't you forget it. Here's to not dying before 7,000 6,100!

All the best,

Your Geekologie Writer

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