Mmmm, Delicious Pews: The Cupcake Cannon

May 1, 2010


NOTE: Video of all the high-flying cupcake action is after the jump.

This is a video of a steampunky-looking cannon that was made to shoot cupcakes at people's faces. It's pretty much my dream machine, provided you replace cupcakes with dino genitals.

Portland's Kamp Grizzly developed a steam-punk style pneumatic cupcake cannon and set the stage for eating frosty delights at 120psi. The blasting buffet was documented in at 700fps coming off the Phantom HD Gold. As the evening shook down, cupcake enthusiasts continued to step in front of the cannon and camera. Some shaking in their boots, others perched in zen-like states, ALL were covered in delicious frosting, spongy cake, and showered in a mist of sprinkles.

Mmmm, sounds like some delectable fun, doesn't it? Reminds me of the time I volunteered for the pie-toss at the local fair. You know how many people hit me with pies that day? Zero, I choke slammed them all before they got the chance. Nobody f***s with this face!

Hit it for the video.


Thanks to Paulo, Christine, mango butter and Airen, who once made a trebuchet to launch cinnamon rolls but got in trouble with their parents when they broke a neighbor's window.

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