Man Dies After Swamp Eel Eats His Bowels

May 3, 2010


No, not bowls like cereal bowls, I'm talking bowels -- his butt-parts, yo!

Shocked doctors in Sichuan, China, found the sea creature in the 59-year-old man's rectum after his death, it has been reported.

The 50cm long Asian swamp eel was allegedly inserted into the unnamed man's bottom, after he passed out drunk, by pals playing a prank on him.

Medics said the eel had devoured his bowels.

What. the. f***? Listen: if the people you're hanging out with have a penchant for stuffing things up your ass when you pass out drunk you need to run DO NOT WALK to a new group of friends. I mean, WHO SQUEEZES AN EEL UP A DRUNK MAN'S ASS?! That's not a prank. Drawing a penis on someone's face is a prank. Jamming a fish in their rectum is a PRACTICAL JOKE.

Chef dies after feeling eel [thesun]

Thanks to Erin, Spikey DaPikey, @glitterglamour_, Samantha and Tony, who have never put anything up a drunk friend's ass except maybe a hairbrush.

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