Let's Try It On Your Arm!: Alligator Loppers

May 17, 2010


Two chainsaw posts in a row, you all know what that means. WEE-WOO, WEE-WOO, WEE-WOO!! Blue-light special in the power tools department!

I swear these things have been around forever but Black and Decker's $80 Alligator Lopper has been making its rounds on the internet the past few days, probably because it has an alligator head printed on the blade. That's crazy! What's also crazy is that it's electric-powered instead of gas. WEAK CHOPPER PEENER LOPPER IS WEAK.

A 4.5 amp electric motor and a wide set of jaws allows the Alligator Lopper to chew through a branch up to 4 inches thick like it was a wounded gazelle's hind leg, and the clamping action ensures it won't let go until it's all the way through.

God, I used to have an electric chainsaw. I was the laughing stock of the entire neighborhood. Whenever we'd have block parties all the other guys would make me drink wine coolers. WINE COOLERS! Those things are like 2% alcohol and taste like f***ing heaven.

Black & Decker's Alligator Lopper Is The Awesomest Pair Of Scissors I've Ever Seen [ohgizmo]

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