Learnin' The ABCs: Now With More Wolverine

May 13, 2010


Note: That's only A-F there, so click HERE to see a high-res shot of all 28 letters.

I remember when I learned my ABC's all we had were a bunch of creepy anthropomorphic letters that talked and shit. Damn those guys were skeazy (G even tried touching my butt once during nap-time). Anyway, now kids can learn the alphabet the fun way thanks to deviantARTist Sean Gordon Murphy's 'The Wolverine ABCs'.

I know I messed with a lot of your characters as I redesigned almost each one of them with my contemporary outlook. I know that I wrinkled a few noses, so thanks for bearing with me and being polite enough not to raise too much of a stink.

Wait -- what do you mean people were polite enough to not raise a stink and bear with you? On the internet? The same internet I'm on?! Jesus, you know how many emails I'm gonna get calling me a retard for saying there were 28 letters in the alphabet? Tens. Of thousands.

Seangordonmurphy's deviantART

Thanks to keith, who's gonna draw an erotic alphabet. It's basically gonna look like a bunch of penises doing yoga.

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