Laser Fashion!: The PEW PEW Laser Suit

May 4, 2010


This is a laser suit created by Wei-Chieh Shih, who may or may not have made the similar looking one Rihanna wore during the American Movie Awards last year. Or maybe Wei-Chieh just stole the idea. Or maybe whoever created the one for Rihanna stole the idea from the guy who made the laser suit for Bono earlier last year. Or maybe everybody stole the idea from whoever made these dresses. My point is this: who cares, I've been taping lasers to my shirt since middle school. I invented that shit, I deserve the credit.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, REVVED UP LIKE A DEUCE, ANOTHER RUNNER IN THE NIGHT. *pumping fist* Oh yeah, that's the stuff.




200 ld stage suit [behance]

Thanks to Jason and Cpt. Awesome, who wear firework suits and are the life of every party (not to mention fire hazard). Set some off inside!

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