Keeping It Classexy: Velociraptor Cufflinks

May 10, 2010


Classexy is a combination of classy and sexy and is probably the best word you can use to describe me if you could only choose one. But if you could choose two they would probably be convicted felon. Prison tats and having to marry the guy with the most cigarettes aside, these are velociraptor cufflinks being sold by Etsy seller GiantEye. They're classexy.

It's everybody's favorite theropod making a stunning entrance into the world of formalwear. These 1.5"x1" cufflinks are certain to bring attention to your wrists as you perform such Cretaceous tasks as opening doors, investigating electric fences, and mauling Samuel L. Jackson.

The admirers will flock to you faster than Jeff Goldblum to an ill fated dinosaur themed amusement park as you sport these fabulous laser cut black acrylic cufflinks and their stylish silver plated backings.

A set will set you back $25 (plus $10 shipping, WTF?!). Unfortunately, I don't wear cufflinks because I don't rock anything but t-shirts so I'm thinking pretty hard about having a pair surgically implanted in my wrists. Also, a pager. Suck it, James Bond!

GiantEye's Etsy Page

Thanks to Katie, mister.zed, Messiahcorps, Chong and King Crimson, who are all convinced their cufflinks double as mini-explosives or something. You all know that wasn't Q, right? It was just some crazy homeless guy.

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