It's About Time: 3-D Glasses That Look Cool

May 12, 2010


But not really. I'd actually feel cooler wearing Geordi La Forge glasses because at least then people would think they're x-ray specs when I'm staring at their crotch and laughing. Now they just think I'm a creep.

Look3D is one of a handful of companies readying "designer" 3D glasses, with a wide variety of frames, colors and prescription styles available. Some are "RealD certified" and quite a few look quite wearable. The company isn't exactly treading unexplored ground, but if you scoff at Ray Ban or Gucci prices, it's an option.

Yeah I still don't know how I feel about all this 3-D business. I'm on the proverbial fence, if you will. And not just because I have a post up my ass and I'm afraid to move, but I 100% am and please call a doctor.

Hit the jump to see a ton of the "designer" styles.


Designer Glasses Help Lower The 3D Dork Factor [kotaku]

Thanks to Sven, who may or may not be a viking (I suspect he is, plus blond).

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