It's A Lamp, It's A Poster, It's A, Uh, Lampster?

May 25, 2010


This is a poster that's an actual poster BUT ALSO A LAMP. Woah whoah wee-woo! Future technology: that shit's amazing.

"Flat Light was the result of borrowing an Anglepoise task light from college. In 2007, I set up the lamp on my desk at home and was amazed at how it lent an atmosphere of productivity and efficiency to the room... I wondered if just an image of an ordinary task light would be enough to create this atmosphere. This led to Flat Light, which has been exhibited at the Royal College of Art Summer show in 2007 and as part of Designers in Residence at the Design Museum, London"

The Flat Light Poster, which uses LEDs that don't heat up and cause a fire hazard, is available from moss for $195 in a limited run of just 50 pieces.

$200 for a couple LEDs integrated into a poster? Thanks but no thanks, amirite? This sounds like a good $5 do-it-yourself project. Somebody's Cindy Crawford poster is about to get light-up nips!

Product Site
Flat Light Poster Now Available [ohgizmo]

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