I'm Siiiiinging Playing The Drums In The Rain

May 4, 2010


The Rain Drum (why didn't you call it the Drumbrella?!) is a conceptual umbrella designed by Dong Min Park to provide a little musical accompaniment to a walk through the rain. You see (or hear!), each section of the umbrella is supposed to make a different drum sound (snare, bass, tom-tom, crash cymbal and high-hat cymbal) when hit by droplets. Neat. No word if it'll work with urine too, but if you want to walk by my apartment balcony we can test it. Like, for free -- I won't charge you anything extra on top of the sidewalk tax.

Hit the jump for two more shots.



Rain Drum Makes You Hope For Rain [conbug]

Thanks to Zach, who doesn't need a Drumbrella because he already has a Dumbrella, which is actually just a cane.

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