I'm Flying!: Superman Simulator Looks Scary

May 28, 2010


Ever wonder what it would be like to fly like Superman? Score some acid. Kidding, don't actually do that. I don't need your dumbass trying something stupid and getting hurt on my conscience. Yes, as a matter of fact this IS all about me (I'm terrible in relationships). But if you want to experience flying the safe way how about this Superman Simulator (which is 100% not safer in any way)? You just strap yourself into the harness, then have a couple friends push you down the steepest hill they can find. You won't be faster than a speeding bullet, or more powerful than a locomotive, but you might very well break every bone in your body in a single bound (plus I'd be happy to back over you if you don't).

Rolling Superman Simulator: you'd better hope you're invincible [dvice]

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