I'd Do It If I Could: Newly Discovered Family Of Jellyfish Wear Their Gonads Like A Crown

May 7, 2010


For realz. On their heads.

The species is only a few millimetres wide and scientists say it looks like a flying saucer with a cluster of gonads, or sex organs, on top.

"It's absolutely different from every other jellyfish that's ever been known," Dr Gershwin said. "So we not only put it into its own new species and its own new genus, but it's actually a brand new family."

"Quite possibly and quite humbly the greatest discovery of my career, ever. I mean I'll be lucky if I ever get a discovery even half as incredible again," she said.

The new species has been named Csiromedusa medeopolis, meaning "jellyfish from CSIRO" and "city of gonads".

So basically discovering the city of gonads is the highlight of Dr Gershwin's career. That's, uh, that's really something. TOO BAD I ALREADY DISCOVERED IT IN COLLEGE! Been there, done that, is there a pube between my teeth, amirite?

Experts astounded by 'city of gonads' jellyfish [abc]

Thanks to Laurel, who doesn't wear a crown of gonads because she has no interest in being the nut queen. Well let me wear it then. I SAID STOP HOGGIN' THE BALLS!

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