I Love It, I Hate It: A LEGO Terminator Bust

May 3, 2010


I know, I can't read the word bust without thinking about my face buried in one either. I guess it's a curse. Like F***ING @$$HOLE, except it won't get you kicked out of a fancy restaurant for yelling it at your waiter. But enough about my lunch experience, this is a Terminator head made entirely out of LEGO by brickshelfer robbed. I want to take a bat to it. And not a baseball bat either. I'm talking a real live bat with wings. One the size of a building and flying at the speed of light. Like in my dream last night, but without the naked wizard waving his wand at me.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and another link to the entire gallery.





Brickshelf Gallery

Thanks to sham, who once made a Predator head out of LEGO blocks but it cast a scary shadow in her room at night so she smashed it with a lamp.

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