Has Anyone Seen The Dog?: Skamper Ramp

May 25, 2010


Don't want your dog drowning in the pool? Get one of those above-ground joints. But GW -- what if I already have an in-ground pool and am too cheap to fill it with concrete? Then you obviously don't care about your pets -- unless -- UNLESS you order a Skamper Ramp (I should really go into advertising). Which, fun fact: I've got skamper. It's like that newfangled swagger all the kids are talking about, but 100x cooler. Plus I get to wear my pants real low. You know, show off the buttcheeks.

Skamper-Ramp is white and it angles down into the water, enabling your pet--and even critters to see it leading out, day or night, 24/7. Skamper-Ramp provides peace-of-mind because your pet (or the critter you didn't want to see there in the first place!)can 'scamper' out of the water--pool or walled pond, even back on a dock or boat ALL BY ITSELF!

The ramp comes in two sizes and cost $70 and $100. Alternatively, drain your pool till there's only water in the deep end. Now I know what you're thinking, "Jesus GW, does your genius know no bounds?" And it doesn't. That shit's boundless. Plus ball-gagless.

Official Site
Skamper Ramp offers safe way out of a pool [coolestgadgets]

Thanks to Liquid Tension, who doesn't need a ramp to get out of the pool because she never swims without a life vest rocket pack.

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