Guy Scores $1 Million For Pitching Perfect Game In 'Major League Baseball 2K10'

May 6, 2010


So apparently 2K Sports was running a contest in which the first person to pitch a perfect 9-innings in MLB 2K10 would win a cool $1 million (sorry, no prizes for yelling FIRST! in the comments). And some guy did it within 24-hours of the game's release. Impressive, but I did it before the game even came out. I'm talking way back in 1988. No I'm not thinking of Ice Hockey for Nintendo! Yes, yes I am. That game's the shit, WHERE'S MY MONEY?!

Wade McGilberry of Mobile, Ala., a 24-year-old experienced gamer, bought the game at midnight on the night it came out. After debating with his wife Katy whether he should go to work or not, he decided he'd show up to work in his capacity as a 401K record keeper before he tried his hand at making $1 million.

At around 4 p.m. that day, Wade returned from work. He logged on to XBox Live, which is necessary to record the time a gamer could accomplish the feat, and set up his computer Web cam in front of his TV, a requirement for the verification of the perfect game.

Six partial games and an hour and a half later, Wade managed to pitch a perfect nine-innings. Congratulations Wade, you're a jerk! THAT MONEY WAS MINE HOSEBAG.

Gamer Wins $1 Million Perfect Game Prize In Less Than 90 Minutes [cnbc]

Thanks to Uncle_FUJ and JoeLickasack, one of which may or may not want to taste your change purse.

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