Google's Playable Pac-Man Game Last Friday Destroyed Work Productivity, Cost $120M

May 25, 2010


Remember last Friday when Google featured a playable Pac-Man demo on its homepage to celebrate the game's 30th anniversary? Turns out that shit seriously put the hurt on work productivity. Suck it, the man!

The average person spends about 4.5 active minutes on each day, spread out over 22 page views. That is about 11 seconds of attention on each Google search, wrote Rescue Time founder Tony Wright.

When Google released the playable Pac-Mac doodle on Friday in honor of the video game's 30th anniversary, average time spent on jumped by 36 seconds.

Rescue Time used Wolfram Alpha data for Google traffic on Sunday, which reached 504 million unique views. Assuming that the userbase is representative, Rescue Time concluded that Google's Pac-Mac consumed 4.8 million hours of users' time beyond the 33.6 million daily man hours of attention that Google Search gets every day.

Assuming each Google user had a cost of $25 per hour, that means a loss of $120 million.

*sniff* I'm just so proud of you guys. And I'd like to think that, in some small way, Geekologie also drives down work productivity. And up dino-boners. Admit it -- I'm gettin' to ya!

Report: Google Pac-Man Zapped 4.8M Hours Of Productivity

Thanks to Michael-C, who played for 8-hours straight and still found time to pour a 5-lb bag of sugar in the man's gas tank.

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