God Loves Burritos (And So Do I!)

May 3, 2010


: Okay so apparently I already posted this a while ago. What -- I've been drinkling, okay?!

Allegedly this is a picture of God reaching for a fiery burrito. I believe it too because that does look like a hand and that does look like a burrito. Great, now I'm hungry. For love. Kidding -- for a burrito fool!

18,700 years ago, a supernova in the Circinus constellation resulted in a neutron star that spins seven times per second, a pulsar 20 kilometers in diameter called PSR B1509-58.

The image--100 light years long--was captured by the Chandra X-Ray observatory. According to NASA, the "low energy X-rays are in red, medium energies in green, and high energies in blue. The pulsar itself is in the bright central region."

Scientific mumbo-jumbo aside, I would cover that thing in salsa verde and go to town on it. I don't care if it is 100 light years long, I could eat it. Speaking of which, did I tell you about the time God and I split a candy bar 100,000 light years long? It was a Milky Way. Candy bar joke! Oh -- here comes another I just came up with.

Me: Knock knock.
You: Who's there?
You: Hello? I said, "who's there?" Hellooooooo? WHO THE F*** IS THERE?!
Me: *Snickers*

Gotdamn I'm good.

God Gives Us High Five or Reaches for Cosmic Burrito [gizmodo]

Thanks to Christa, who I really can't blame for the re-post as much as I'd like to.

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