Geekologie Review: Mystery Jumble Bags

May 26, 2010


So a Jumble Bag (link to site) is basically a Bag of Crap, except you don't have to sit at your computer jamming F5 for two days straight only to watch the server crash and not get your order processed. $5 gets a random jumble sent to your door (free shipping) and you can choose between "original" (completely random), "tool" and "toy" bags. I got two separate jumbles, one of which contained more typical items (a little Koopa Troopa plushie and an LCD flashlight keyring that projects the time on your wall/ceiling/penis/girlfriend's breasts), and one rarer, nicer item (electronic breathalyzer!). If you've got $5 or $10 laying around it might be worth taking a stab at a bag or two. Of course, I'm a sucker for getting packages in the mail because I love the anticipation. I also love drinking and seeing how high I can blow on the breathalyzer. Which, funny story, tops out at 0.4 and doesn't automatically call an amberlamps (I pumped my own stomach with a toilet plunger).

Hit the jump for a shot of the LCD flashlight in action and one of what I typically blow when I wake up in the morning (no, not a dino -- good guess though).



Jumble Bag

Thanks to Jonners, Christine and Greg, who were all hoping for anthrax but got little toys instead.

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