Fantasy Artist Frank Frazetta Has Died

May 10, 2010


Iconic fantasy painter and comic book artist Frank Frazetta died after suffering a stroke today. He was 82.

Frank Frazetta was born February 9, 1928. His early artistic career consisted of years of exquisitely drawn comics work, including contributions to the EC line of comics, assisting Al Capp on L'il Abner and later drawing several years of the strip, and working with Harvey Kurtzman on Little Annie Fanny.

In the 60s Frazetta turned to cover paintings for the thriving pulp paperback industry and created one of the most recognizable illustration styles of all times. His covers for Conan, Tarzan and other rough hewn heroes created a visceral, violent, erotic yet somehow still nuanced visual style that has been endlessly imitated but never surpassed -- Frazetta's imagery of brawny, relentless swordsmen, seductive, fleshy sirens and hellfire breathing monsters had a gut level impact because it came from the gut

Frank also served as the inspiration for Legend of Zelda illustrator Yusuke Nakano.

Yusuke Nakano named Frazetta as his inspiration behind "muscular, expressionistic art," which he clearly brought with him to Ocarina of Time.

"It felt great to draw characters like Ganondorf, exaggerating his fearsome, powerful presence," he said in a column published on Zelda Universe. "But my favorite Ocarina illustration was of Impa, Zelda's royal protector: It was extremely rare that Nintendo had such a muscular woman in one of its games. She was a natural fit for my preferred art style."

Rest in peace, Frank.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of Frank's iconic work.



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