Facebook Creator Laughs At Your Trust

May 18, 2010


Seen here with a girl (shocking, I know. I guess $4 billion still goes a long way EVEN IF YOU ARE A MODERN SCREECH), Mark Zuckerberg was apparently amazed by early Facebook users' willingness to provide the website with personal details, even going as far as to call them 'dumb f***s'. According to a 2004 instant message exchange released by Business Insider:

Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard

Zuck: Just ask.

Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS

[Redacted Friend's Name]: What? How'd you manage that one?

Zuck: People just submitted it.

Zuck: I don't know why.

Zuck: They "trust me"

Zuck: Dumb f***s

Oh snap! Now that's a business model I can get behind. Right, idiots? Right, you stupid goatblowers? *sits back and waits for the money to roll in* Yep, aaaaany minute now.

Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks [theregister]
Geekologie's Facebook Fan Page (I'm gonna steal your info and buy a car!)

Thanks Superficial Writer (I peed in your desk drawers while you were on break).

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