Eye Candy: Time-Lapse Of Shuttle Launch

May 24, 2010


Note: Very worthwhile video is after the jump. Feel free to skip around, but do not -- I repeat -- DO NOT run around the pool.

This is an amazing time-lapse video of a shuttle launch that shows a lot of the behind-the-scenes prep that goes into mounting that bitch on its boosters and wheeling it out for liftoff. I've already watched it twice, and I'm still not convinced it's real (I'm on to you, Hollywood CGI!).

Six weeks, and over 100 hours of footage shot on several Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs culminates in this remarkable, 4-minute time lapse of a Space Shuttle launch.

You know, we've really come a long way. It seems like only yesterday we were faking a grainy moon landing, now we're faking entire space shuttles IN HIGH DEFINITION. Nice try, government!

Hit it for the video.

Space Shuttle: The Time-Lapse Movie
Stellar DSLR Time Lapse of a Space Shuttle Launch [gizmodo]

Thanks to barnaby and skull-smasher, one of whom carries a big stick, the other a sledgehammer.

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