Eye Candy: Crazy 3-D Mapped 'Sensory Box'

May 19, 2010


Note: Video of the get really high first is after the jump.

This is a very worthwhile video of some room with a bunch of blocks in it that have been video-mapped and then projected with some crazy-ass eye candy. No, not just candy -- bacon. CANDIED BACON. Yes, candied f***ing eye bacon. Per Babelfish translation from French:

ENVISION: Step into the sensory box. Under this name hides the immersive experiment offered by ALCATEL-LUCENT to its customers at the time of the last Mobile World Congress. An experiment containing video mapping conceived by agency SUPERBIEN and the department New Media of the Agency \ Audience. The public was invited to enter a cube and to discover an artistic vision of the tagline of the event: Transforming the mobile experiment.

You just gotta watch it. I was so high when I did it felt like I was living in TRON. Except my lightbike was stationary and my uncle was riding it in his underwear. Wipe the seat afterward, God!

Hit it for the very worthwhile video.

Amazing display of light [thenextweb]

Thanks to Luis, who's convinced the video is all black magic. Jesus, not everything is black magic. Just most things.

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